Christmas Isa Coming & So Isa Nother Swap

Hello Everyone
Hot on the heels of the Autumn Coaster Swap from Michele Foster is a Mini Christmas Stocking Swap designed by Stitching Cow. Hooray πŸ™‚

I wonder who I’ll be sending these to?

Below are the stockings I completed today along with a hand stitched stocking made by my little boy. Still a work in progress this is all his own idea and his own work, no intervention from mummy πŸ™‚

Rock on my son!

20131103 Xms Sock Joy

20131103 Xms Sock Peace

20131103 Xms Sock Freddie




Keeping the Love Alive – Keep it Cute

Hello Everyone
My goodness, where did October go?
How time whizzes by without us noticing and suddenly a year has slipped passed.

Last year my neighbour’s little girl E started taking an interest in my sewing activities and quite often would come and stand beside me and watch me using my sewing machine as I made quilts and clothes. She would chatter on as little girls are apt to do and one day she asked me if she could have a go…..
I almost died at the prospect of a then 7 year old using my very expensive, I can’t live out, sewing machine…
So I made a compromise and suggested she had a go at hand sewing.
I prepared a little project for her using brightly coloured embroidery threads, aida fabric and a “safe” ish sewing needle. As I expected, she tangled herself up in it but she had a lovely time just sitting with me and enjoying the creative journey.

I was so pleased to see that she was genuinely interested in the craft that put together a little sewing kit for her birthday and made her a needle book to go with it.
Later, I was thrilled to discover that E was sewing with her Grandmother as well.

A couple of weeks ago I had another visitation as I was sewing and E reminded me that her birthday was coming up soon as asked me if I would make her another needle book.

“Another needle book? What happened to your old one?”

I fully expected to hear that she had lost it, but no!
It lives permanently at Granny’s πŸ™‚ and she wanted one for home.

Joy of joys!
“Of course I will Sweetheart”

So here it is.

20131102 Erica Needlecase

20131102 Erica Needlecase inside

Below are pictures of my old and rather battered needle book.

If you like these you can make your own by going to Nana Company.
She has a super cute tutorial, check it out πŸ™‚

20131102 My needlecase

20131102 My needlecase inside

20131102 My needlecase outside

Get up and shake your booty

Hello there

Back in the dim and distant I used to be, among a host of other things, a DSE Assessor/Trainer (DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment, doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as easily as DSE) Anyway, I was the office nanny going about metaphorically slapping young men on the head telling them to stop slouching and sit up, get your feet off the desk, tidy your mess etc etc, they used to hide when they saw me coming, you get the picture?…

Work Related Upper Limb Disorder is a growing problem in the work place, so imagine my annoyance when my words danced up behind me at home this week and bit me squarely on the butt.
Why? I hear you cry….

Remember that wrestling match I talked about in my masking tape post?
Yeah well, I managed to put my shoulder out fighting with it in the machine.
While it’s a fair sized quilt, I have quilted larger, the batting was pretty lofty and boinged about under my size 90 green marked quilting needle….
so I can’t blame the needle πŸ˜‰
I was determined not to have puckers, pleats or any other mess ups and forgot to follow the cardinal rules I preach to my students:

1. Thou shalt baste like mad
(nothing must slip about under your needle)

2. Thou shalt not quilt when thou art tired
(go to bed and sleep, it’ll still be there in the morning)

3. Thou shalt not get cross when quilting
(your quilt is supposed to be made and infused with love)

4. Thou shalt quilt 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off
(take breaks, an upper body limb injury at ZERO miles an hour is not cool)

5. Thou shalt get up and shake your booty (quilting should be FUN!) πŸ™‚

So dear reader, the finished result below, one puffy boingy quilt for my big kid brother πŸ™‚

Black & White Finished