Climbing Back Into The Saddle

Hello Blog Friends

Long time no squeak. Many apologies.
Life events took over the front seat, but hopefully now I’m climbing back into the saddle.

So, what’s new? Well, we have a new addition to the family.
Her name is Lecien and she wandered into my life at the warehouse after being abandoned in the middle of the Ras Al Khor industrial estate where I used to work.
Little did I know at the time, she was pregnant. (Probably why she was thrown out of house and home)
Anyway, as is the nature of cats she chose me as her new human and hasn’t left my side since. Three of her four kittens have wonderful forever homes with my lovely colleagues while the tom kitty was usefully employed as a mouser in the warehouse.
Lecien is most definitely a sewer’s cat. I’m sure, if she could, she’d be at my sewing machine when I go out. Here she is checking out one of my “toys” giving it her seal of approval. What can I say, cats and boxes…. so true.

20150817_104909 (2)

Other new things are:
I have finally joined the 21st centaury human race – I have a smart phone!
Remember the Apple sales guy form my previous post waaaaay back when?
He was right! Aaaand, not only that, I also acquired a tab; not just any old tab but a note tab (I really cannot give up my pencil, not just yet)
Now that I have the tech, I need to get to grips with the other the stuff to make it all work.  So far so good, I hope.

My new passion is Lori Holt’s Bee In My Bonnet “Farm Girl Vintage”.
OoowMyGosh, I love her stuff sew much!
Check out her blog for this amazing book and others by her.
Image 1

I joined the Bee In My Bonnet Sew Along community on Facebook.
Wow! What a bunch of talented and lovely ladies they are.
If you’re looking to join an on line community of friendly quilters, this is the place.
The latest swap is a quilty pocket and this is what I’m sending to my swap partner.

20150924_170349 (2)

Below are two versions of one of the blocks I made when I first bought Lori Holt’s “Farm Girl Vintage”

IMG_0190 (2)

IMG_0192 (2)

Anyway, that’s it for now. I hope to blog you again very soon. (“To blog”, a new verb?)
TTFN my lovelies
Chrissie xxx


Time for a little TLC

Hello Dear Readers

I’ve been off the planet for the last few weeks entertaining my son and his rowdy bunch of mates during the waay too long Spring Break. I’m soooo glad they’re back at school. 🙂

So I’m back. I sit at my beloved sewing machine with the plan of ploughing ahead with my UFOs (UFOs for those uninitiated in the quilting world, are UnFinished Objects) to find that my wonderful Husqvarna Sapphire 875Q has thrown her toys out the cot and is producing uneven stitch widths on my applique.
“Hmmm”, says I.
I check my needle, re thread the machine, remove the stitch plate and brush out any lint (I’m somewhat anal about this having seen the state of some machines in the past) but no, she’s still throwing a strop.

Then I had a thought…
I use my sewing machine virtually every day for several hours or more, so I checked to see how much time I have have actually spent using her. (Again, another anal thing I do. I record how much time I spend on sewing my projects – there is a good reason for this I promise)
I found that on just applique alone, forget piecing, quilting, and any other projects, I have managed to clock up over 200, YES TWO HUNDRED, hours. Phew!
It was about time my poor hard working sewing machine had some love and attention lavished on her.
So she’s off on the equvialent of a sewing machine spa being serviced.
Ohhh, how I miss her. 😦

C Ryder Husqvarna 875Q ID exp

Penny Hen



Sail Away Cropped exp

Sail Away